RealNetworks is apparently sueing a Dutch webmaster for having a hyperlink on his site to a competing product and not removing it fast enough to suit them (because of DNS caching).

Apparently they are sueing him into oblivion even though he appears to have done everything he could do to comply with their take down request for the link.  Apparently he wasn’t hosting the competing product but simply linking to it.  You’d think they’d go after the host where the link was pointed rather than this poor sap.

Aside from the shocking news that Real Networks is still in business, I thought they died out years ago when Apple’s video player and Flash came out, it also shows that companies seem to be able to sue for just about anything they want these days.

Read a more detailed story here: []

note: If Real Networks wants me to take down my link to this story I’m going to need that request in writing within 24 hours of this post or I’m going to take the non compliance as implied consent.


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